Here it is;  what you’ve all been waiting on.
A super sexy Sci-Fi action thriller based on Allan Hall’s classic novel;

The Chronicles Of Dalon.


View the SR ‘Teaser’ below


It’s about time!

The compelling adventure of a NASA team of astronauts searching for life…

but not of this world.


Suddenly Real is a huge full feature film about a story of love, lies, honor, redemption and a few alien creatures… and, based in the very near future.

When we are faced with adversity, we are faced with a decision. Do we rise above? Or do we fall victim? Meet Jim Conner, a handsome 35-year-old amateur astronomer from Brookhaven, Mississippi that spends a solid year of his life choosing the latter and then finds himself fighting for his sanity… and his life. Before he is given a chance to fully embrace a loving relationship with his beautiful wife, she suddenly dies. Is there a chance for reconnection after death? His recent discovery from outer space may just hold the key.


This film will be produced in its entirety by  Dreamscape International Entertainment. They are currently looking for Investors, Sponsors and People just like you to become a part of this phenomenal film production and help get it funded. There are of course, some very nice Perks, Prizes and Awards for your generous contributions.

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You may also be interested in some of the very cool ‘Contests’ they have on their website for this film; they are searching for multi-talented people who can not only write songs and sing for the Suddenly Real Soundtrack but who can also Drawl for the related Concept Art. There are also many other Contests involved in this production. To see them all, go to their Official Promotion Site.

Winners will be greatly rewarded!

So, if you would like to see this cool and exciting film of the century get made, please contribute to this film. Also get it out there; Share and Like their Posts, Interviews and Advertisements. You will not be disappointed and glad you did become a part of this fast-paced on the edge-of-your-seat sexy-romantic action-thriller!

We Thank Each and Every One of You that have decided you want to help get this phenomenal film project on the screen and have ‘your’ name on the big screen as well. Then you can say; “Damn–That Was An Awesome Film!“…
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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to tell you all about our new film production called ‘Suddenly Real‘ a romantic sci-fi action thriller based on Allan Hall’s classic novel; The Chronicles Of Dalon Continue reading



Hi everyone,                                 sr background 2

The Audition process for our current project has been extended through mid to early April, 2015 for the Sy-Fy film production of Suddenly Real.

We are still in need of more non-union actors; featured, extras  to fill the remaining characters in the film.

This is a great opportunity to get in the acting business if you have not acted before and/or enhance your career if you are  seasoned talent.

Click on the link above to find out more, or email us as instructed in the Casting Call.

Thank you and please share on your social media sites.


(c) 2015. W.W.P. All Rights Reserved





C A S T I N G   C A L L





An Audition will be held ASAP in Clearwater, FL USA for English speaking talent; spots available for 29 Lead and Supporting roles, and 400+ Extras and Production Crew in the feature film; “Suddenly Real” from Allan Hall’s Novel the “Chronicles Of Dalon” by Wild Wolf Pictures and DreamScape International Entertainment.


This is a 102 minute Sci-Fi Romantic action thriller with a sweet hint of horror. Click here for a synopsis of the film; from the Novel.


–>>This is also an Experimental Production and


Onsite Acting Coaches will be available as needed.


*NOTE: The Actors and Crew chosen for the shoot will also be given the chance to be Cast in Part 2; of this film production when it becomes available. SR2 Beyond The Son.

All wages will vary by role, and be discussed at time of Audition.



Men (Caucasian, Asian, Light Hispanic, American Indian and African American; ages 35 to 55)


Women (Caucasian, Asian, American Indian, Light Hispanic and Russian; ages 19 to 55) may audition.


Male children and teenagers (Caucasian; ages 6 to 8 and 15 to 17) may audition with parent or guardian.


>>See the twenty-nine Casting Profiles and seven Locations below:



………………..CAST OF CHARACTERS………………




[James Conner]  Jim (Jimbo) is in his mid 30’s, tall professional Caucasian, handsome, masculine, funny, caring, intelligent Security Guard/computer tech with Christian values.


[Leann Conner]  Leann (Dear) is in her mid 30’s, Female, very pretty, long dark hair, Jim’s wife, sweet, loving, happy/bubbly personality, Real Estate Broker with Christian values.


[James Conner Jr.]  James is 17 years old, student, smart; Jim and Leann’s oldest Son.


[Benjamin Conner]  Ben is 8 years old, student, learning; Jim and Leann’s youngest Son.




[Renee Case]  Renee (Honey) is in her early 30’s, Female, Caucasian, also very pretty (a duplicate of Leann), long dark hair, entrepreneur/cook/waitress, Sweet Happy/bubbly personality, a little ditzy but intelligent with Christian values.


[KGB Agent 1]  KGB Agent; inside a car, can’t be seen/much due to blacked out windows, occasionally firing a gun; an automatic weapon, giving high speed chase.


[KGB Agent 2]  KGB Agent; inside a car, can’t be seen due to blacked out windows, occasionally firing a gun through window; an automatic weapon.




[Col. Hayes, USAF]  Edward (Colonel) is in his 50’s, male, tall clean cut Caucasian; take charge person, bold, clear, precise/All knowing professional, a deep worrying thinker.


[Lieut. Monroe, USMC]  Randy is in his late 40’s, male, short stout Caucasian, blunt, very clean cut, tough man, but also very professional.


[Lieut. Vorago, USAF]  Victor is in his 50’s, male, any ethnicity, short to med. height, hyper, tough guy/no respect to women, a real prick.


[Capt. Larkin MD, USARMY]  Terry is in his/her late 40’s, male or female, any ethnicity, easy going, med. build, direct. Chief MD at NASA.


[Gen. Matton, USARMY]  Everett (the General) is in his late 50’s, male, Caucasian, heavy set, cigar smoker, rough cut voice, always clearing throat.  All knowing.




[Comm. Sanders]  Ian (Commander) is in his 50’s, male, Caucasian, tall, short brown hair, athletic, strong firm take charge voice. Caring, sympathetic and has a strong backbone.


[Capt. Foster]  Lynn (Doc) is in her late 40’s, Female, pretty Caucasian, medium height and blonde hair, very lovinng, pretty, busty. Commanding but caring, strong. She is on Jim’s side. Has a very strong will to live life at its best.


[Lieut. Hall, USMC]  John (Sparks) is in his late 30’s, Male, med. height, ambiguous/light Hispanic/bi-lingual, curly hair, fair looking.  Strong masculine physique, suave, jokingly funny. Not as silly or stupid as he looks and acts.


[Warrant Officer James Conner]  Same as above, but in uniform.




[Lieut. Kristy]  Carol is in her early 20’s, Female, Caucasian, short/sleek/busty, very cute and sexy, in Administration, friendly, smiling, flirty. All knowing.


[Sgt. Fletcher]  Ted (Fletch) is in his late 20’s, Male, Caucasian, (Carol’s bf), Receiving Dept., very muscular (Swartzenigger type), confrontational tough guy, arrogant womanizer, scared/crooked face.


[Corp. Perry]  Slim is in his late 30’s tall, male, any ethnicity, slim, the Barber, informative, funny/jokester.


[Capt. Russell]  Henry is in his late 40’s, male, tall/slim, a fine upstanding gentleman, Executive Officer of the ISS, laid back, pretty much head of the whole sha-bang. All knowing.


[Sgt. Jameson]  Kyle is in his late 30’s, male, med. height, snobby any ethnicity, head of Security



[Commander Sanders, USAF]  Same as above.


[Lt. Comm. Steele, USAF]  Steven (Cap) is in his early 40’s, medium height, short prickly hair, green eyes, strong cocky voice, suave, tough and bold, know it all, but… Do not question his intelligence. Callous.


[Capt. Foster, USAF]  Same as above.


[W.O. Conner, Civilian]  Same as above.


[Lieut. Jenning, USN]  Diane (Di) is in her late 30’s, Female, tall/pretty, dark skinned Russian, short black hair, diamond blue eyes, quiet, shady, temptress, devious, witty, seductive.


[Lieut. Smith, RAI]  Loretta (Rhett) is in her late 30’s, Female, Caucasian/British, cute, tall, long legged, very beautiful, long black hair, tanned, soft firm voice, quiet, emerald green eyes, shady background, walks like she’s shifting gears.



[Lieut. Saun, USA]  Coui (Cookie) is in his mid 40’s, Male, short Asian, short in height, short black hair, always a smiley face, quick slanted accent, stocky, not fat, full of pun/jokingly funny, mumbles ‘Chinese‘ proverbs at you.

[Lieut. Benson, USAF]  Woody (Ben) is in his 40’s, male, tall African American, of African/American decent, tall, witty, intelligent, black nappy hair, brown eyes, tries to be a ladies man, but always does things by the book.


[First Lieut. Hall, USMC] same as above



DALON (Phasarians) TEAM

[Côdin]  Caun is in his late 50’s, Male, Caucasian, med. height, bearded face, Côdin holds a very prestigious position as Technical Scientist of Alonta, a Unity (City) on Dailon (their planet). He and his Grandfather designed and built the Transmitter Antenna used to send the signals throughout the Universe. Job Title: Chief Technical Scientist


[Däili]  Dale is in her late 50’s, Female, Caucasian, Däili is very obedient and non questioning. Her true Loyalty and loving obedience are common of women in Alonta. Title: Unit Wife


[Rôdin]  Raun is in his late 20’s, is a very hyper and rugged individual, very intelligent, but curious. Job Title: Energy Field Expert


[Táira]  Teri is in her early to mid 20’s, Female, Gorgeous Caucasian, sister of Rôdin, She is a very, very beautiful Princess Looking young woman, very intelligent. Discovered the secret of Eternal Life. Job Title: Motion Analyzer




400+ Any/All ethnicity, ages 20 – 55, male and female (no children), all shapes/sizes; non speaking part and also Stage Crew; as stated below.



Please submit your “Portfolio” consisting of; a full Bio for (each) entry, with 2 head shots and 1full body shot (in .JPEG or .PNG format), a Reel URL (if you have one) and a resume (in MS Word .DOC or RTF format; limit resume to one page) sending all attachments to using a ‘subject‘ heading: AUDITION.  No HTML Please.  Make Sure to include your email address and phone number.


*NOTE: For Minor Children; “Release Forms” will be required and provided by Director’s agent at the time of the Audition.

All other talent; will be provided with all other appropriate Forms.




Openings for Production Crew; Grips, Dolly grips, Jib Crane Ops, High speed Cam Ops(Vehicle), Key Lighting and Sound, Set design/construction, Choreographers, Pyro techs, DP’s, AC’s, Model makers, MakeUp artists, Wardrobe designers, ect. ect.

Apply with a one page resume (in MS Word DOC or RTF format) to and use: CREW for the ‘subject‘ heading.



**NOTE: A Skype ‘Video‘ audition may be available for those who live too far away and can’t make it to the Audition in person. Please specify your intention with your Skype address and we will email a response with the time, your sides and all data you will need to perform.



DEADLINE <<—–= _____________________________

Deadline for submissions; is set for 04/04/2015 at 11:59 pm est.

Entry fee: prior to deadline is FREE; After the deadline: there will be a charge of $19.99 (USD) for each entry.




When‘ your portfolio is received, a verification email will be sent to your email address confirming your submission(s) validity and further details of Location/Parking/Wages and any other information you may need or have requested;



Callbacks will only be sent to those who have been chosen for roles; which will include your Audition Script role(s), sides and any other info you may need to perform.

Date of callbacks begin: 01/01/2015 continuing thru 05/23/2015.


*NOTE:  To request specific  ‘Sides’  of your interest; listed above; mail requests to and use ‘SIDES‘ for subject heading.




Your submissions, information, pictures, data and your emails will be kept under the highest priority of privacy and sent to-NO-3rd parties.



With our sincere wishes and best of luck be bestowed upon you. 🙂


~Al l a n  H a l l,  Director/CD


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _