Here it is;  what you’ve all been waiting on.
A super sexy Sci-Fi action thriller based on Allan Hall’s classic novel;

The Chronicles Of Dalon.


View the SR ‘Teaser’ below


It’s about time!

The compelling adventure of a NASA team of astronauts searching for life…

but not of this world.


Suddenly Real is a huge full feature film about a story of love, lies, honor, redemption and a few alien creatures… and, based in the very near future.

When we are faced with adversity, we are faced with a decision. Do we rise above? Or do we fall victim? Meet Jim Conner, a handsome 35-year-old amateur astronomer from Brookhaven, Mississippi that spends a solid year of his life choosing the latter and then finds himself fighting for his sanity… and his life. Before he is given a chance to fully embrace a loving relationship with his beautiful wife, she suddenly dies. Is there a chance for reconnection after death? His recent discovery from outer space may just hold the key.


This film will be produced in its entirety by  Dreamscape International Entertainment. They are currently looking for Investors, Sponsors and People just like you to become a part of this phenomenal film production and help get it funded. There are of course, some very nice Perks, Prizes and Awards for your generous contributions.

Make your donation TODAY <HERE>

You may also be interested in some of the very cool ‘Contests’ they have on their website for this film; they are searching for multi-talented people who can not only write songs and sing for the Suddenly Real Soundtrack but who can also Drawl for the related Concept Art. There are also many other Contests involved in this production. To see them all, go to their Official Promotion Site.

Winners will be greatly rewarded!

So, if you would like to see this cool and exciting film of the century get made, please contribute to this film. Also get it out there; Share and Like their Posts, Interviews and Advertisements. You will not be disappointed and glad you did become a part of this fast-paced on the edge-of-your-seat sexy-romantic action-thriller!

We Thank Each and Every One of You that have decided you want to help get this phenomenal film project on the screen and have ‘your’ name on the big screen as well. Then you can say; “Damn–That Was An Awesome Film!“…
and  I  Was a Part of It! – I Helped Make That Movie!



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