BIO: Allan Hall has been writing novels and making films since early 1983.

He is a Writer, Filmmaker and Mechanical Design engineer by trade and runs three businesses from his home in Clearwater, Florida. Although he has earned extra college credits, he has no Master Degrees on paper. However, he does hold many Certificates and Diplomas from various Vocational Schools and Universities and has been extensively trained in many diverse fields of Writing, Science, and Technology.

Mr. Hall is a widower of eight years with four grown children that does not live with him. Science fiction is his finest genre, but he also likes to dabble a bit in Children’s illustrated picture stories, horror, and fantasy and has even prepared scripts for Television and Film. Short stories, poems and songs are a few other auras of his lurid persona.

Mr. Hall is also a Journalist for the Tampa Bay Examiner and has written and edited a local Church Newspaper for years. He has served his military time in the “Vietnam War”, seen the makings of life, the destruction of nations, and the vicious details of untimely death. He has also extensively studied the universe, including the birth of planets, stars and space travel. He intimately examines every operation of NASA, all of its missions, experiments and developments in space.


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